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Price 349.00 EUR

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11787587129 alternative NOx Sensor / emulator

NOXEM 129 replaces the following NOx sensors:

11787587129 (actual release)






NOXEM 129 is developed for:

BMW | E60 LCI, E61 LCI with N53 and N43 series petrol engine

BMW | E63 LCI, E64 LCI, E90, E90 LCI, E91, E91 LCI, E92, E92 LCI, E93, E93 LCI with N53 series petrol engine

Price 349.00 EUR

+20.00 EUR shipping across Europe via UPS

11787587130 alternative NOx Sensor / emulator

NOXEM 130 replaces the following NOx sensors:

11787587130 (actual release)






NOXEM 130 is developed for:

BMW E81, E81 LCI, E82, E87 LCI, E88, E90, E90 LCI, E91, E91 LCI, E92, E92 LCI, E93, E93 LCI with N43 series petrol engine

Price 349.00 EUR

+20.00 EUR shipping across Europe via UPS

11787590402 alternative NOx Sensor / emulator

NOXEM 402 replaces the following NOx sensors:

11787590402 (actual release)


NOXEM 402 is developed for:

BMW F10; F11 with N53B30 series petrol engine

Installer’s package

NOXEM Bundle of 5 pcs contains:

3 Pcs of NOXEM 129

2 Pcs of NOXEM 130

Price 1575.00 EUR

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